Do you want to enrich the content you create with appropriate partners?

But don’t you have the time nor the people to look for those partners? FW+ concludes creative brand partnerships on your behalf. This way you can spend your valuable time on the further elaboration of your project(s).


You will be taken care of by a team of experts.

A partnership manager listens to your needs and closely monitors your project. He/she has experience in your sector and is supported by a team of experts with diverse talents. We follow the trends closely and therefore know very well what we are doing.


You choose the match, we close the deal.

Together we go over the best matches based on your wishes and needs. You pick the brands you like to work with. We will work with your selection and take over the negotiations with the brand without any obligation.

There is someone available at any time who knows your project.

Your personal partnership manager knows your project inside out. He/she is your first point of contact. An internal project manager closely monitors your project. This means that at least two colleagues are aware and you can contact someone at any time with questions or problems.


We will do all the for you and keep you informed. So you don’t have to think about your project all the time.

Permanent contact person

During an intake interview you will meet the person who will support you. You can always contact him/her if you have any questions.

Regular updates

We schedule fixed appointments in which we keep you informed. This way you can fully focus on your other tasks.

Personal project page

After the first meeting you will receive a link to your personal project page. So you can follow the progress of your project at any time.


We provide an efficient and economical approach.

Because we bundle our expertise and experience in one team, we learn more every day. This way we can always work efficiently and support you at a correct price.

You save time and effort.

You do not have to look for a freelancer who has time for your project. At FW+ someone picks it up within a week. In our flexible planning, time is made at short notice.


Your project is presented to a large and relevant network.

The FW+ team relies on the wide network of smart matching algorithms of the Famework platform. That is why we always start from qualitative and warm leads. You can always consult your project file on the Famework platform via a personal login.


What does FW+ offer ?

Intake interview

Tell us what you can and may share about your project. We will act on that information.

Script / Concept Analysis

Send us a script or concept of your project. We do the necessary analyzes to identify potential partnerships.

Famework-platform License

No FW+ without Famework. Your Famework license is included in our offer, but we manage it for you. Your content sheet is created by us and kept up-to-date.

Regular updates with you and/or your team

We regularly consult with you and/or your team about the matches we have found for your project. That way you stay informed about everything.

If you want to save even more time and effort, we offer a few extra services in addition to our basic package that take even more of your worries off your hands.

Budget proposal

Based on our analysis and your budgetary expectations, we propose various sponsor packages. Our experience with many other projects comes in handy here.

Deal negotiation

You don’t have time for the many conversations with your matches to come to a collaboration? We know what you expect and are happy to take it over from you.

Aftercare and evaluation

Your project has ended, but now what? Your partners would like an update and how you experienced the collaboration. We help you finalize your deals and report to your partners.

Not sure yet exactly what you will need? No worries! We are flexible and can adapt to your needs as soon as they arise.